Herbhy competes in the MTB European Championship

Herbhy competes in the MTB European Championship on the Lamosano in Alpago track

SCO Cross Country, Team Relay, Xce Eliminator, and Trial are the disciplines of the 2015 edition that the competitors will face on the Lamosano in Alpago track, where Herbhy, in the MTB European Championship, has contributed to the preparation of the venue. Thanks to the MTB European Championship organizing committee that has offered us the chance to collaborate, Herbhy, of the HYMACH Robot line, has shown its ability and production efficiency returning the old abandoned pastures to their original look by cutting the vegetation that infested them. The work, executed in a short time and with excellent results, has shown the validity of the machine also to those people that did not know it yet. The territory has highlighted the technical and operational characteristics of the radio-controlled tool unit, designed to operate on slopes in full safety, facing very thick and unkempt vegetation. In particular, the carriage extension system, which increases the unit stability in extreme situations, has easily solved such situations. Notwithstanding the very hot weather, the machine has incessantly worked under the sun without overheating, thanks to the standalone cooling system of the oil and water heat exchangers and to 65 kg of ecofriendly oil. The reversible fan contributes to maintain the ideal operating conditions by blowing out the cut grass through the ventilation grill, thanks to the inversion of the blade position. The significant production capacity is supported by the head’s 150 cm cut width and by the 3000 rpm of the rotor; the latter is equipped with cutting systems that are the results of a 32-year experience that Hymach has acquired in the field. It was a new way to introduce the product, its production capacity, and that Italian quality that Hymach has always promoted.
It has been a truly positive experience, also thanks to the extreme cordiality of the human relationship between all those people who have worked hard to the successful outcome of the show, which we are proud to have been part of.
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Radio-controlled bush cutter HerbHy 30

The latest entry of the HerbHy range is the compact version of the radio-controlled tool unit. This new version is smaller, but it offers the successful characteristics of its big brothers, as requested by the market; that is, compactness married to efficiency. Like the Hymach main product, the lawnmower, HerbHy 30 was launched with a cutting head, and, overall, the unit has immediately proved in all tests to be a high-level radio-controlled bush cutter, able to tackle very demanding situations.

HerbHy 30 is smaller, but it is not deprived of the features that characterize its big brother Herbhy 40. Reversible fan; automatic hydraulic tensioning of the tracks; a strong grip of the rubber tracks; head lifting jacks controlled by the oil pressure and not by springs, are still there and remain well-established assets.
Its very powerful system and the Hymach characteristic cutting head are a guarantee of reliability, even on 55° slopes for the whole working day, and of a long lasting life.
The hydraulic system features closed-circuit radial piston engines to move forward; a track-locking system on the engines; a closed-circuit piston engine at the head; closed-circuit piston pumps with variable displacement; a gear pump for utilities; an electrohydraulic distributor for utilities, an electrohydraulic distributor for the head function; a heat exchanger with reversible fan and a 25-liter hydraulic oil tank.
HerbHy 30 keeps the characteristic “turtle shell” hood that protects all the sensitive parts and prevents twigs and branches from building up. This occurrence often causes accidental damage and overheating. Another feature of HerbHy 30 is the built-in roll bar that, forming a whole with the frame, makes it very strong. HerbHy 30 is equipped with high-visibility LED lights to work at night and with a standard rotating beacon.
Although it does not have the track extension hydraulic system, you can extend the carriage manually, if necessary. Moreover, with a simple operation, you can further increase the machine stability for works that require it. The whole in only 950 kg in working order. The 8-roll tracked carriage has a 1,320 mm width that you can manually increase to 1,620 mm. The tracks are available in various versions for different work conditions. HerbHy 30 has a built-in 4-point hitch system to lift the machine.
The dashboard, equipped with a check panel, enables the operator to control the machine from the ground, safely carry out even the hardest works and, with the remote-view system (optional), have total control over the working area. The back and forth speed is 0 – 7 km/h with a speed control potentiometer, constantly variable from 0 to 100%; moreover, a potentiometer enables adjusting the direction (offset) when working on slopes. The display includes a track speed control. In case of emergency, you can also connect the radio controller to the unit with a wire. A visual an acoustic alarm is installed for slope crossing, system overheating, diesel engine overheating engine oil pressure, trespassing of the remote controller communication range, driving control inversion.
In the last shows in which Herbhy 30 has participated with the radio controlled bush cutter version, it has given great satisfaction both in terms of productivity and manageability. The feedback from first users and old users is excellent. Once again, Hymach is committed to research with its customary enthusiasm, to satisfy that slice of the market that still believes in quality products and in the professionalism of the manufacturer.
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