The right arm for your tractor (second part)

Another HYMACH solution for installing a grasscutting arm of the EXTREME series on a latest generation tractor in the VISUAL version, to be fitted at the the rear but also allowing working with the head positioned laterally to the operator. Here too Hymach undertook to find the ideal way to set up this new generation of tractors to continue to offer the tractor-arm combination that it still considers to be more than valid and supported by objective technical and economic reasons. The user who chooses a tractor equipped with a grasscutting arm has a wide range of possibilities and the freedom to choose the vehicle that gives them most confidence. With this rear arm, the user combines the practicality of assembly/disassembly with the visibility of the head that can work in an advanced position, typical of the machines mounted in the belly position. This solution, in addition to solving the problem of setting up the tractor in question with an arm of considerable length, allows for better visibility, including compared to the classic belly attachment, thanks to the fulcrum on the line of the flush-to the-wheel mechanism as well as the wide rotation of the arm and the horizontal rotation of the head. The distribution of weights during transfer onto the road is also optimal. Thanks to the resting position of the arm on the front of the tractor the loads are equidistant from the axles to the benefit of the axles and stability on the road.

Positioning the arm in front also eliminates the rear support and the related bumpers, obtaining a more compact tractor-machine assembly. Another interesting aspect is the possibility of intervening directly to the tractor body without prior opening of the frame. Returning to the possibility of changing the position of the arm to your liking, we realise that this feature allows the operator to deal with cutting situations by confronting the vegetation in the best possible way. The multi-stage telescopic arm, like a fishing rod, already a main feature of the HYMACH machines, in this case amplifies its usefulness as it leaves the operator the widest choice of how to position him-/herself and not be tied to a fixed position. Of course, for each tractor, a custom design must be developed but HYMACH has always been used to treating each vehicle entrusted to them as unique for the set-up with the aim of creating a stable, efficient and effective machine that can be approved for road traffic.