• Hymach Buddy Hymach Buddy

    Hymach Buddy

    The new versatile mowing arm for transporter vehicles
  • Maintenance of green Maintenance of green

    Maintenance of green

    Wide selection of professional machinery for green maintenance
  • Hymach Herbhy Hymach Herbhy

    Hymach Herbhy

    The new range of radio-controlled professional brushcutters
  • Cleaners for solar panels Cleaners for solar panels

    Cleaners for solar panels

    Professional cleaners for solar and photovoltaic panels, vertical panels, signs and road signs, wooden guardrails.



Hymach products stand out for their robustness and durability over time.


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Green maintenance machines of green areas, cleaning tunnels and road barriers, washing photovoltaic panels

Hymach was born on September 23rd 1983. Many years of activity have seen a company open to change and always ready to accept the challenges presented. In the DNA it has the characteristic of taking care of the users’ needs, which are the starting point to study and make new products. And we continue with passion, agreeing tradition and change, without losing sight of the pivotal values that have always characterized us, oriented towards the future but living solidly in the present to offer our customers useful and profitable tools to their work needs.

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    Buddy is the versatile mower arm designed by Hymach for multi-purpose transporter vehicles. Easy to remove, allows the same vehicle to be used for multiple purposes. Buddy optimizes the investment of the transporter, without changing the overall dimensions. It is designed primarily for municipal bodies and contractors, but not only.


    More power without greater bulk to effectively deal with even the heaviest jobs. The HERBHY 50 radio-controlled tool holder guarantees a reliable 49.4 bhp thanks to the 4-cylinder Perkins industrial diesel engine. Stability and adherence of the medium on difficult terrain are guaranteed by the possibility of extending the track width of 500 mm, even on slopes of 55 °. The solid roll-bar, integrated into the frame, also acts as an anchor for the application of various equipment.
  • Hymach Extreme & Expanse

    Hymach Extreme & Expanse

    Preparation on a frame built to measure and applied centrally to tractors. The machine is still removable from the vehicle to allow other uses. The hinge of rotation of the arm can be standard or lowered depending on whether you want to overcome obstacles on the roadside or exploit as much length as possible even in depth. They have an arm with hexagonal section made of high strength steel sheet.