Buddy brush cutter for trucks

Versatile mowing arm for multi-function transporter vehicles

Buddy is the versatile mowing arm designed by Hymach for multi-function transporter vehicles.
Easy to remove, allows you to use the same vehicle for multiple purposes.
Buddy optimises the investment in the transporter, without changing its size.
It is mainly designed for municipal authorities and contractors, but not exclusively.


  • great versatility
  • specially designed for multi-function transporter vehicles
  • self-supporting changeable chassis adjustable in height
  • fully-independent auxiliary engine

Hymach, ever attentive to the needs of its customers, has designed and put into production the versatile Buddy mowing arm.

Buddy is a machine specially designed and produced to fit multi-function transporter vehicles so that it can be easily removed to quickly release the vehicle for other uses.

A solution of particular interest to the many municipalities and contractors which have a compact truck in the vehicle fleet and already use it for many tasks, from materials transport to winter road clearance, allowing you to pass through narrow alleys and reach difficult places.

Buddy now extends the opportunities for working with the vehicle, which can also be used in the cutting of road verges, hedge trimming and green maintenance without having to buy a dedicated vehicle.

The machine sits on a self-supporting changeable chassis adjustable in height, which allows the vehicle to pass under it and then to be lowered and secured to the bed of the equipment carrier.

Thanks to this system, it is very fast and easy to mount/remove the equipment which can be easily carried out independently. The storage of the machine is extremely convenient too, in fact it can be placed in the storage area without having to resort to lifting equipment.

The machine in this format optimises the investment in the transporter, which can also be used for green maintenance work and avoids, for those who already have the relevant tool holder, having to buy a vehicle dedicated to mowing.

The dimensions of the machine are contained so as not to increase those of the truck, preserving the characteristics of compactness and manoeuvrability that characterise the truck.

The Buddy hydraulic arm is aimed at municipalities, and operators who carry out the maintenance of public green space, who opt for this type of vehicle particularly suitable for working on the road but also for all the other sectors in which they are appreciated for the multiple opportunities of use as an off-road multi-purpose vehicle and high-performance tractor, such as forestry and agriculture.

The operation of the machine is totally independent of the vehicle systems thanks to the auxiliary engine installed, this makes it totally independent of the vehicle without taking power from it, simplifying the mounting/dismounting operations, and without requiring special modifications to the vehicle on which it is mounted.

Quality is guaranteed by Hymach which creates the structure of the arm, intended to withstand stress during use and made of high-strength steel of the highest quality. The fundamental components of the joints, bushings and pins are made of steel subjected to hardening and rectification treatments, which increase their strength and optimise their function, extending their life. The hydraulic rams with control valves ensure excellent manoeuvrability.

As with other Hymach products, the main components of the operational system, such as the pumps and the engine, multiplier, distributor and radiator, are chosen from the best brands on the market for performance and reliability, which ensures high output in terms of power and productivity.

Hymach naturally offers a wide choice of cutting heads for the cutting systems available for the different types of vegetation and soil condition, ensuring continuous performance and uniformity of cutting in all situations.

In addition, the opportunity to change the cutting head for other tool heads, with a few simple operations, makes each machine versatile and usable for different cutting operations, boosting the return on investment from a single vehicle.

Buddy is available in both right- and left-hand versions of the vehicle on which it is installed.

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