Hymach’s Herbhy family is expanding

Presented at EIMA, where visitors showed very strong interest and favourable opinions, the new remote-control models produced by HYMACH. Alongside the long-established and much-appreciated HERBHY 40 model and the small HERBHY 35, there are now three other models available. HERBHY 40 COMPACT where the powerful Perkins 40 HP engine roars in the smallest of the family. The same as the older brother, the same performance in a smaller size. Nippy and fast, it is ideal as a brushcutter as it can work quickly on all soils and in more difficult conditions. HERBHY GREAT 70, the bigger brother, the evolution of the first home-grown remote-controlled HYMACH, the HP60, despite its powerful engine, remains contained in size. Powerful and strong, suitable for heavy-duty jobs. The Tier 4 Final engine installed complies with the latest emission regulations. Particularly suitable for interventions in areas that have not been maintained for a long time or in woods and forestry.

Thanks to the robust frame and the power developed, the range of applicable equipment has broadened considerably to make the investment by the user pay off in a short time. Finally, HERBHY Z 40, the same frame as the original HERBHY 40 but with an interesting variation of the tractor that allows the machine to be raised from the ground thanks to the articulations of the tracks that, just like knees, allow one side to be lifted independently of the other, making the machine able to work horizontally in areas where the differences in level are stepped, such as terraced fields which are a typical example, or in areas where there are obstacles that emerge from the ground that the Z40 is able to pass over without going round them and without being damaged by them. This particular feature, which is also patented, can be useful in many agricultural operations where, for example, it is necessary to raise the machine in order not to ruin crops.