Herbhy 40Z seen close-up

HERBHY 40Z has been specially designed to operate, as well as on sloping ground like the other models of the HERBHY line, also on terraced ground and ground that has very narrow steps, such as that typical of the Prosecco vineyards of the March of Treviso. These vineyards on narrow terraces are normally managed by largely inadequate vehicles or frequently by hand. Today, through the system of raising or lowering the tracks independently of each other, you can have a suitable as well as capable vehicle able to move safely, facilitating operations in the field. Thanks to the capacity of the vehicle and the attachment points, it is possible to equip HERBHY 40Z with equipment such as the atomiser, sprayer, harvesting equipment and a pneumatic pruning system. Equipment that the customer already owns or can choose from what is currently on the market. Obviously it can also be set up with all the equipment for the care of the ground below the vines, which HERBHY already produces. The particular feature of the vehicle is therefore to be able to “walk” with one track in a raised position compared to the other, but also to be able to raise itself with respect to the ground in order to pass over obstacles on the ground, such as the stumps of cut-down trees, harvesting boxes, bales of hay, or even crops so as not to ruin them. The movement controls of the track articulations are simple and immediate so you can change the HERBHY Z set-up quickly according to the ground profile.