Expanse and extreme

The tractor is confirmed as a reliable, indeed an ideal vehicle not only for the machinery carried but also for the attachment of machinery for green area maintenance with the central arm. EXPANSE and EXTREME, the series of arms with extensions from 6 to 15 metres, are made by Hymach to form, with the tractor on which they are installed, a combination that leads to efficiency and productivity. Considering the actual characteristics of the tractors (the dependability of established manufacturers, the possibilities for choosing engines, the stability even on poor-quality and wet road surfaces…) and those of the machinery produced by HYMACH (strength, power, build quality, customisation), the resulting machine is without question more than adequate in operation to ensure effectiveness and efficiency in the work for the user with consequent excellent productivity. Typically, the application includes a set-up on a frame built specifically for the tractor, to which it is attached centrally. The frame is removable from the tractor at any time, however, so that it is not a dedicated machine and can therefore be useful in other work with other equipment. The same arm can also be supplied with road set-up or for land reclamation.
The first solution is optimised for passing over road barriers, the second for making the most of the length of the arm deep down. The arm normally has two articulations but can also be supplied with three segments to allow the positioning of the same in particular geometric set-ups, so as to make it easy to work in all those jobs where it is required. The coupling frame of the central machines can encompass the tractor, maintaining the possibility of intervening easily on the body of the same as it can be opened at the top, or passing under the bonnet/hood, according to the preference of the user and the type of tractor. All the arms have the very important feature, thanks to the telescopic segments with multiple extensions, of also being able to work on banks up to the flush-to the-wheel mechanism and, for the same characteristics, they are configured for driving on the road with no undue bulk.