Visual energy optimises the tractor

Those who work in the cutting of green areas, especially for municipal and provincial authorities, often also need to work in the area of winter maintenance. This requires vehicles that have weight, stability and power characteristics in order to push a snow plough up a slope and attach a salt-spreader. Since the same vehicles are ideal for installing equipment for green areas, without doubt the choice of rear-mounted arms of a certain size, which are well suited to intensive seasonal use, but which can be quickly dismantled and put back in store, is the best means of optimising the investment in such vehicles that therefore can be used the whole year. VISUAL ENERGY, perfected over time by drawing on the experience of operators in the field, is the equipment that best suits this vision.

The system of forward rotation of the arm, with the fulcrum close to the rear wheel of the tractor, allows the operator to easily keep the cutting head under constant control. The self-supporting frame is configured for rear attachment and the quick attach/release system on the rear lift, in addition to the usual three-point hitch, can be equipped with an additional stabilisation system which forms a unit with the vehicle without creating twisting rolls of the arm with respect to the tractor. The arm, thanks to the lateral hinge (95°+30°), allows a 30° advance with respect to the tractor, offering visibility of the head in line with the right side door. Obviously, the head is equipped with a system that modifies the perpendicularity with respect to the vehicle (to obtain perfect cut and input) and a further lever for adjusting the inclination of the brushcutting head (so as not to create blockages on the ground). The length of the arm, determined by two segments plus the telescopic section, may vary from 6 m to 10 m depending on the weight of the tractor and the requirements. For models of 9 m and 10 m, a double telescopic section is expected.