Herbhy 50, the professional remote-controlled brushcutter

More power without more bulk to tackle even the most demanding jobs effectively.

The Herbhy 50 remote-controlled tool carrier guarantees 49.4 HP of maximum reliability thanks to the Perkins 4-cylinder industrial diesel combustion engine.

Stability and grip of the vehicle on difficult terrain are guaranteed by the possibility of extending the vehicle’s track by 500 mm, including on slopes of 55°.

The solid roll-bar, integrated into the frame, also acts as an anchor for the installation of various equipment. The Perkins industrial diesel engine, compact, very robust and reliable over time, delivers its horsepower at normal revs without putting the engine under stress and overheating.

The entire power delivery system has been designed and tested to be able to work continuously even on slopes of up to 55° and ensures high and constant productivity. Optimal engine torque/power ratio for effective and efficient work at normal revs without straining.

Equipped with a brushcutter, it is ideal for cutting grass and shrubs in areas inaccessible to the classic machine with articulated arm, or on slopes where there is the risk of overturning the vehicle with driver on board, or even in areas impenetrable by other means.

With haymaking equipment it is particularly suitable for working on slopes cultivated for forage where the operator can control the machine from a safe area.

With a forestry flail mower, stump grinder, shredder-chipper or winch, it is well suited for the maintenance and enhancement of mountain areas.

The list of possibilities for the use of HERBHY 50, as well as for the rest of the self-propelled vehicles of the same range, whose fundamental construction features it maintains, is endless since users could go on proposing set-ups never attempted before.