Truxor amphibious machine

Hymach exclusive agent in Italy
Since 1/1/2015, Hymach has been the exclusive agent in Italy of the Truxor amphibious machine and of other tools for the control of algae growth and the maintenance of ponds, canals and other wetland habitats, made by Dorotea Mekaniska AB, with HQ in Sweden.
The Truxor amphibious machine features a hydraulic system complete with a patented tank that ensures more effective ventilation and a reduced oil oxidation. The control system features a can-bus technology that makes the machine multifunctional and very easy to use. The hydraulic-powered traction on special rubber paddles makes it suited to work on muddy and firm ground and favors navigation.
On a Truxor amphibious machine, you can install various tools such as grip buckets, reed cutters, brush-cutting arms, millers, dredge pumps, dredging systems, excavators, pile drivers, etc.. The Truxor amphibious machine is the only valid solution for works in shallow waters or on very soft ground, allowing the operator to work with the adequate tools where other amphibious vehicles cannot operate.
The Truxor amphibious machine’s unique characteristics make it interesting not only as an efficient working tool for decontamination entities and companies that manage canals and ponds, but also for Civil Protec­tion interventions, golf green maintenance, waste collection on beaches, and, of course, works in wetlands in general.
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In its endless search to propose to the market innovative products, Hymach has found in the Truxor amphibious machine and in the other products of the Swedish company, the same notion of strength, efficiency and practicality that Hymach has always applied to the development of its products; therefore, Hymach has chosen to represent Dorotea Mekaniska in Italy, certain that users will appreciate the quality of the Truxor amphibious machines and of the Dorocutter tools.

New lawnmower and bush cutter Jolly
To respond to the requests of a price-driven market that, however, does not want to give up quality, we have upgraded the Jolly range style and added to it the characteristics typical to the Hymach top-of-the-range products.
The need to design smaller tractors to work in narrow streets, mountain roads and bicycle tracks has resulted in a light but strong arm for the new Jolly lawnmower and bush cutter. This handy and reactive machine is the ideal tool to apply to small and light units. Made of high-strength structural steel, the arm features larger tips, all made of hardened steel, which enable the joint movement. Moreover, the entire hood has been revisited to protect the system.
The standard shredding head has a 105 cm cutting capacity and a 2-way rotor equipped with the latest system to fix the knives. This is by now a standard feature on every rotor of the Hymach machines and allows locking the pin on the rotor flange, thus eliminating the use of bushing and facilitating the knife replacement. The standard transmission is directly to the rotor, but there is the option of a side belt transmission.
The system has high-performance gear pumps and a hydraulic distributor, but we can customize your machine according to your requirements, with a piston pump system with a proportional electrohydraulic distributor controlled by a joystick.
The new lawnmower and bush cutter Jolly has the arm locking device on a support tip for set-aside. This facilitates its movements on the road, even on dirt tracks, reducing the negative stress effects on the entire structure. The special design of the jointed segments allows cutting flush with the wheel, with no further occupation of the road surface.
Jolly is ideal for the professional greenery care sector, especially within public administrations and mountain communities. It can be widely used in the agricultural sector, where value for money is much appreciated, as well as durability, quality and reliability, characteristics that are part of Hymach’s DNA.
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Juice for small caterpillars
We have designed this new Juice version for small caterpillars, which joins the hoist version, to respond to the specific requirements of grape growers and fruit growers.
Juice is designed to cut grass and shrubs in vineyards and orchards, passing over the plant rows. Notwithstanding its small size, it has a rather long arm made of high-strength steel, indispensable to maintain the resistance-weight ratio necessary to install the machine on small tractors for orchards and allow its passage through grape rows and fruit trees.
The arm features a rotation system that allows folding the arm forward, like in this version, or backwards, like in the traditional version, to reduce as much as possible its size while moving it into spaces that are often very narrow.
The three- joint arm allows passing over the plant row and cutting the grass of the next lane, but you can also use the arm to its maximum extension, which in this model reaches 4,600 mm.

The Juice joint system, when the machine is installed on wheeled tractors, is particularly useful for the maintenance of roadside greenery where there are vertical obstacles and the lanes are particularly narrow.
The basic version features high-efficiency gear pumps and a hydraulic distributor, but we can install a system with a piston pump and a proportional electrohydraulic distributor controlled by a joystick.

The head too, with a cutting range of 1100 mm, is designed to offer an efficient, quality cutting within the Hymach standard features, thanks also to the hood shape that facilitates the disposal of the cutting residues.
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