Front-mounted units Hymach

Front-mounted units Hymach

Bush cutters designed to be mounted on the front of the tractor, on the front hoist with a three-point hitch or via the coupling frame on the mounting plate, that operate via connection with the shaft drive to the PTO.

All of the machines, like other models such as the rear-mounted ones, can be installed on the front of tool-carrying vehicles such as trucks, loaders, backhoes or any other self-propelled vehicle that is suitable and, if they have the appropriate system, will operate directly with the vehicle’s service system.
The various series in the catalogue differ in the construction of the arm, which is consistent with the length and the tools attached at the end.
Our front-mounted bush cutters derive from the ones with long hydraulic arms with which we started our company, and have been built with the same ideals: sturdy, functional and efficient.

Structure and components of frontal brushcutters

The fundamental elements of the joints, bushings and pins, for the front brushcutters for tractors, are made of steel subjected to hardness and grinding treatments, which increases its resistance and optimizes its function by extending its duration. The jacks equipped with adjustment valves ensure excellent maneuverability. The main components of the operating system such as pumps and motor, multiplier, distributor, radiator, chosen from those offered by the best brands on the market for performance and reliability, determine the high performance in power and productivity.

Versatility and modularity of the heads for front brushcutters

The variety of choice of cutting heads of the cutting systems available for the different types of vegetation and state of the soil, ensure the continuity and uniformity of the mowing. The possibility of interchanging the cutting head with other tool heads with a few simple operations makes each machine versatile as it can be used for different processes.
The frontal brushcutters can be customized by being able to modify both the structure and the systems according to the specific needs of the user. They are available both in the version for work on the right and in the version for work on the left