Machine with two distinct and independent tools (patented by Hymach) for cutting grass without interruptions, going around guard-rail supports, border-marking posts, road signs, trees and other obstacles while the tractor advances. The first carries out cutting of the roadside verge and has an automatic system for going closely around obstacles. The second, designed to work beyond these obstacles, is also equipped with an automatic rejection system of support posts and can be retracted to the rest position or angled in order to go around any vertical obstacles that may be present.

It can work on ground with different inclinations, as adjustment of the angle is independent for each cutting unit. It has regulating systems that adjust the distance from the supporting vehicle so that it takes up as little space on the road as possible. This is particularly useful when working on narrow emergency lanes and close to new generation guard-rails. Available for mounting on a front hoist or a mounting plate on a tractor or on a rear hoist if the vehicle has reverse drive.