Forward units

Forward units

Bush cutters designed to be hooked to the tractor hoist with a three-point hitch or an integrated support frame, that operate via connection with the shaft drive to the PTO.

The various series in the catalogue differ in the construction of the arm which is consistent with the length, the tools attached at the end and the degree of the forward rotation of the arm.

It is possible, in fact, to move the arm into a forward position so that the operator has better visibility when working. This is the perfect solution if you need to quickly free the tractor without losing lateral visibility whilst maintaining productive, high quality work.

Veryvis, our latest creation, has a device that allows a double rotation of 170° in total: forwards, so that the head is easily visible to the operator, even when working close-up, and backwards so that the machine can be closed in the resting position like a normal rear-mounted bush cutter. The mechanisms that carry out this double rotation are hydraulically powered and are controlled from the control panel of the machine.

Our rear-mounted bush cutters with a forward arm derive from the ones with long hydraulic arms with which we started our company, and have been built with the same ideals: sturdy, functional and efficient.

The structures, designed to withstand the stresses during the lifecycle of the arm, are made out of high-strength steel. The fundamental elements of the joints, bushings and bolts are made out of steel that has undergone hardening and grinding treatment that increases its strength and optimises its functionality, thus lengthening its lifespan. The jacks, equipped with control valves, guarantee excellent manoeuvrability.

The main components of the operating system, such as the pumps and engine, multiplier, distributor, radiator, have been chosen from the best brands on the market for performance and reliability. This ensures high performance in power and productivity.

There is a variety of choice of cutting heads for the different types of vegetation and condition of the ground which guarantees the continuity and uniformity of cut.

The possibility to interchange the cutting head with other tool heads with a few simple steps makes each machine versatile, and practical for different jobs.

They can also be custom built by modifying both the structure and the system for each user’s particular needs.

Versions available both for right-hand and left-hand work.

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