Hymach brushcutters, shredders, vaccum cleaners

Hymach brushcutters, shredders, vaccum cleaners

During our 30th year of business we worked on a project for the Robot HP60 radio-controlled bush cutter, which has become a source of great pride and the image of a lively, dynamic and modern company.

With this new mower, we have used all the skills learned in thirty years of experience on the field. Our aim, right from the beginning, has been to create custom-made products that can meet the needs of our clients who work maintaining green areas.
The company was set up on 23 September 1983, using the experience already gained in the sector by the man who still represents it, and who has always believed in direct contact with the client, because that is the only way to completely understand how to satisfy their requirements.

This, together with the firm desire to focus on the real quality of its products, has made Hymach the company it is today. Raw materials and systems are chosen not only from top brands but also for the highest performance in terms of efficiency and durability. The product had to, and has to, have the 3Cs (three essential characteristics): sturdy, functional and efficient. It could not have been otherwise, seeing as the original production was centred on arms up to 18 metres long, over-the-row mowers (they were not as common then) and vacuum units, of which Hymach was the forerunner. At first the two functions, cutting and sucking, were separate, then the solution was found to join them together, thus simplifying the machine and obtaining excellent results both in cutting and in collecting. Indeed, with these types of green maintenance machines we couldn’t compromise in terms of quality because anything less than perfect would have affected one of the 3Cs.

The same underlying principles are reflected in the production of our rear-mounted bush cutters, which are normally considered standard machines. The long, ventral arms have become shorter while still maintaining their structural characteristics to form, with the frame-tank, machines that can be mounted onto the rear hoist of tractors. But the company went even further, and produced rear-mounted green maintenance machines specifically for reverse-drive tractors, initially used in reverse drive and then in both directions, studying purpose-built rotation systems for the head and arm. Thanks to the elasticity of the design, we then created machinesuirq to be mounted on the front hoist of tractors and other self-propelled vehicles that have a suitable coupling. We created bush cutters that could be mounted on a trailer with a hook lift chassis and on a truck’s mounting plate. In 2010, on the basis of our technical knowledge, we started the Solarclean project, which initially led us to create tools for cleaning solar panels (in solar fields and over livestock structures and greenhouses) that could be mounted on self-propelled vehicles, including tracked ones, which then became a radio-controlled self-propelled vehicle specifically designed for this purpose.

All of the green maintenance machine in our catalogue are continuously updated and improved every time we see an innovative technical solution or the implementation of a device that makes them easier to use.
We chose to develop our quality management system in accordance with the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard towards the end of the 1990s, obtaining the certification from RINA SpA in 1999 which is still in effect.

The skills we have acquired, our enthusiasm and determination support us and give us the strength to make the most out of our company every day and to develop the continuous process of improvement. We take the values on which the company was founded and use them to find inspiration, those insights that lead to the innovation of existing products and the creation of new ones. With confidence in our products and our capacity to adapt, we are convinced that maintaining the perfect blend of old and new is the path to follow in the future.

And the Robot HP60 expresses the essence of this balance: tradition, where you can certainly find the 3Cs that characterise our vision of the product, and modernity, with its cutting edge electronic auto-regulating and control devices.